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 Discover the Advantages of a True VoIP IP PBX - 3CX Phone System
3CX Phone System for Windows is an award-winning software-based IP PBX that replaces traditional proprietary hardware PBX. It is based on the SIP standard and supports most popular SIP phones, VoIP Gateways, VoIP service providers and PSTN phone lines. It is easy to manage by system administrators as it integrates well with Windows Network infrastructure.
Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.
Break Free from Restrictions
Boost Mobility
Stay Ahead of the Competition
Say "good bye" to costly phone bills
SBS Proactive is proud to offer 3CX as its premier VOIP solution.

3CX offers an affordable, powerful, and easy to manage, Windows based PBX communications system for business that:
  • Is easier to install & manage than Linux based competitors
  • Is simple to configure and manage via a web browser
  • Is far less expensive to purchase and expand than a hardware-based PBX
  • Delivers mobility by allowing employees to work from home using remote phones and soft-phones
  • Improves productivity with presence, desktop-based call control and extension management
  • Eliminates the need for separate phone wiring (phones use computer network)
  • Lets you choose between popular IP hardware phones or softphones - no vendor lock in!
  • Uses standard lines, T1, PRI, ISDN, etc.
  • Saves on monthly call costs using SIP trunks, VoIP providers or the Skype gateway!
Can your phone system…
  • Let you take your calls on your desk phone, desktop, laptop, smartphone, or cell phone, all at the same time?
  • Let you use your smartphone just like your desk phone (transfer, conference, page, etc?)
  • Call your cell if you're out, announce the caller, and let you decide if you want to take the call or send to voicemail?
  • Let you see the status of every other user and whether they are on a call?
  • Let you set your status, as well as various forwarding and call options, from your phone, desktop, or using time of day?
  • Receive your voicemail as emails that you can read, or you can play from your mailbox?
  • Delete your voicemail on your phone, when your delete it from your email?
  • Let you utilize Internet telephone providers to make inexpensive long distance calls?
  • Manage various call center queues and assure your callers are handled efficiently?
  • Make video calls?
  • List call history?
  • Integrate with Sales Force, Sage Act!, and other CRMs?
  • Integrate branch offices?
  • Provide remote workers desk phones?
  • Receive Faxes?
  • Chat with other users?
Call today and let SBS upgrade your old phone PBX to state of the art VoIP with the latest capabilities. With SBS you can be assured we will be there to support and make your phone migration as painless as possible.

Ask us how you can get your new VoIP phone system installed Absolutely Free!
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“We have been very pleased with the overall capability of the 3CX telephone system within our business. With a Windows-based system, we have control over the phones and don’t have to pay for support from our old provider.”

– Brian Dunn, Agilis
“Desktop control and unified messaging features have drastically improved team communications - and 3CX delivered these features in an easy and manageable way,”

said Bill Peters, Head of IT, Team Lotus
3CX was remarkably flexible and easy to install. It was also extremely simple to manage. Being able to run 3CX on Windows Server offers great peace of mind.”

– IT manager Dustin T. Adam, RE/MAX
 Benefits of 3CX Phone System
3CX Phone System can use the existing network and you can do away with phone cables

Easier to install and manage via its web-based management console

Far less expensive than a hardware-based PBX

Allows employees to hot-desk and tele-work

Users can configure their extensions themselves using the self-service User Portal, 3CX MyPhone

Utilize any SIP phone instead of being locked into one vendor

Receive and make calls via existing phone lines using VoIP Gateways

Save on call costs with 'out of the box' configurations for popular SIP / VoIP providers
 Choose your Budget
Proprietary systems lock you into their expensive functional phones, or less expensive non-functional ones. With IP systems you can choose the manufacturer, model, quality, and price range of your phones, and associated hardware or you can choose to use totally free softphone technology.

 Stay Current with Technology
Phone functionality changes all the time. Proprietary systems can't keep up. They are on specific hardware with specific capabilities. IP systems generally keep up with the latest state of the art, and since they run on PC hardware, can also be easily increased in power and capabilities, without a full system replacement.
 Safer Investment
Don't like your proprietary PBX? You are probably stuck with replacing the whole unit and all the phones. With IP systems, you can usually keep your existing phones, gateways and other hardware, and upgrade or change your PBX for a fraction of the cost of trying to change a proprietary system.

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