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A Single Point Of Contact For All Issue Resolution

Increase productivity on an organization-wide level by making SBS your company's single point of contact for all your technology vendors.

SBS can troubleshoot, communicate, coordinate, document and follow through to completion, trouble issues pertaining to other vendor's systems, allowing your employees and executives to realize a central help-desk style solution for support with your phone systems, computer equipment, network scanners, copiers, faxes and all of your line of business applications.

Let your technology company "talk tech" for you and work with other technical vendors at a higher level to resolve issues faster, and with less hassle.

With our value added Vendor Management service, you will only need to open up a single Trouble Ticket, and we will manage all vendor issues to resolution for you, no matter what they are, or the number of vendors involved.

By unloading the burden on you or others in your organization having to deal with multiple vendors, you regain lost productivity - directly impacting your bottom line.

Convergence Management

As various technologies converge, communicate, and even depend on one another, it can become harder to determine exactly what technology is causing the problem of any given system. This is especially true with network connected systems and devices.
A workgroup copier/scanner not scanning to a server's file share could be due to problems with the network, server, or the device itself. A phone system not working properly could be due to problems with the lines, service carrier, equipment, or network, and some of those could be, and probably are, managed by different vendors.
Many times users don't understand this, and may waste time contacting the wrong vendor, get the run around, or may even get into a common situation where the vendor denies ownership of the problem, and blames another vendor.
SBS can alleviate this scenario by taking ownership of all problems regardless of whether or not the system is actually managed by SBS. We can perform the initial user consultation, troubleshooting, and determine the best course of action. Then, armed with the technical ability to communicate on an even level with other technology vendors, and liaison powers granted by the client, SBS can assure the proper steps are taken to rectify the problem - as quickly as possible.

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