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 Monitoring...How We Differ

Many managed computer service companies provide proactive network monitoring as a value added "option."  They require their clients to purchase a monitoring package, and some even charge on a per monitored system bases, increasing overall client service charges substantially, should they elect to utilize the service.

SBS provides critical system and service monitoring to all managed IT Support clients as an inclusive value added service. We feel monitoring the health and availability of critical client systems is paramount in mitigating problems and reacting quickly to service outages.

At SBS, system monitoring isn't an option we charge extra for. It's a tool we use where ever practical to assist us in providing a quality affordable computer service and IT support to our partners.

24x7x365 Proactive Network Monitoring Never Sleeps

Computer system reliability and dependability are critical to competing in today's fast paced market place. Email, remote access, and other service demands are at an all-time high. The Internet and computer processing enhancements and portability have revolutionized how organizations operate, allowing small and medium sized businesses to compete toe-to-toe with much larger companies. 

SBS proactive monitoring automatically checks your critical devices and services, and alerts when problems are detected, allowing technicians to respond and resolve issues quickly. Proactive monitoring can even predict potential failures before they occur.

SBS Proactive Monitoring Services are included with all service agreements and include the ability to...

  • Monitor the critical health and status of network devices and line of business applications.
  • Alert technicians of potential problems so they can be corrected quickly.
  • Remotely diagnose problems before they occur.
  • Restart essential Services automatically if they fail.
  • Provide capacity planning reports for informed IT purchasing and budget decisions.
  • Minimize network and device downtime that cause lost productivity.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your systems are being monitored and administered by SBS professional technicians.

Contact SBS today to let us start your proactive managed IT Support services.

 Typical Monitoring

Typical monitored applications and services generally include...

  • SMTP (Mail Transport)
  • Web Site Availability
  • Web Site Performance
  • Internet Gateway
  • Remote Access Server
  • Email Server
  • DNS and DHCP Services
  • Router Availability and Performance
  • Switch Availability and Performance
  • Database Services
  • Server Logs and Performance
  • Internet Bandwidth Utilization
  • and more...

Some monitoring is dependent on the capability of the equipment and systems being monitored and there is no guarantee that all monitoring can and will be utilized for any particular partner.

 Helping You Compete

To compete effectively, small and medium sized businesses need the same technology resources that big companies utilize, and the same reliability. From computer systems to communications, collaboration, remote access, and more, SBS provides and supports those technologies at affordable prices - and with no surprises.

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